The Aïcha-des-Gazelles rally 2017

The Aïcha-des-Gazelles rally 2017

·         We drive a rally in Morocco36

·         As the 1st Austrian team

·         A rally just for women

The 1st Austrian team takes part in the Morocco rally just for women.

The women’s only rally, which serves a good cause, has taken place in the Sahara for the past 26 years and is one of the hardest races in the world. The rally is not just a car race – it is a commitment.

It is less about speed. The team who drives the fewest kilometres and hence has chosen the best possible route wins. GPS is not allowed; maps from the 1950s are used for navigation.

The revenues made by the non-profit organisation “Cœur de Gazelles” are used to finance medical teams who provide care to nomads and residents of remote villages in the south of Morocco throughout the year. Furthermore, schools are financially supported and orphanages are built.


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