Team 2018

Team 2018


Veronika Grabher Céline Vega Roiatti
Rally driver Navigator
Austrian with Moroccan roots French
54 years 46 years
I am passionate about the « Rallye Aïcha des gazelles ». Every adventure is different.I always participate for the change of scenery, the unbelievable landscapes, the Moroccan population so welcoming, the surpassing of oneself, the sport spirit, and the gazelle spirit.The desert also helps me to relativize and give priority to the difficulties encountered in real life. I even find in the desert solutions to problems considered insurmountable before leaving.I always come back from my rallies with incredible energy, even if the body is a little tired.

This year, I will be with Veronika, we will do everything in English. I had to work a little about mechanics words in English because I did not have this vocabulary !

Despite my 10th participation this year, I’m sure I’ll learn again.

I am very happy Veronika chose me to go with her in the adventure of her second rally.

Motto: “Do or Do not – there is no try”   Motto: “it’s better to live your Dreams than to dream your life”
Rallies: 2nd Raid Rally Aicha des Gazelles Rallies: 10th Raid Rally Aicha des